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David Bowie’s dreadful death at 6 9 as a consequence of liver cancer came as a jolt to theentire world.Hewas a phenomenal audio superstar that had been is still adored by all and sundry.Throughhis life, Bowie chose to maintain his private life off from the press just as far as he would. But in his passing, more lights are thrown onto his private life also it seems that besides being unusually good by music, Bowie was also a fervent real estate collector. Apparently, his 230 million net worth didn’t originate from only selling recordings and concert tickets. Exotic tours and concert createan route for musicians to visit round the Earth, and also for David Bowie, whose music gained world wide fame, it wasn’t any different. His global musical celebrity supposed he had to travel to those places to allow his fans a live serving of David Bowie. Since he awakened, the London-bornfell deeply in deep love with several cities and opted to possess properties . Let’s have a good look at the striking houses the audio superstar formerly possessed.


Brixton south west London is now Bowie’s birthplace and where he’s spent his morning. As well as designer Jonathan Reed, Bowie spent years designing and creating this4-storey mansion at Gliston Road, Chelsea, London. But sadly, Bowie being truly a person of concealable nature never had the opportunity to reside inside it whilst the location has been often than not broken up by competitive paparazzi. He also sold your home at ’09 for 7.2 million.


Bowie’s Heroes World-tour took him to Australia in 1978. After the excursion, he came back into Sydneyfive decades after in 1983 after he fell so deeply in deep love with Australian-based newzealand version Geeling Ng and featured in his China Girl video. The exact year, Bowie bought a 3-bedroom luxury water front apartment at Elizabeth Bay for $700,000. Located at a metropolitan region, Bowie dwelt there for nearly ten years before attempting to sell to get approximately $1.2 million in 1992, the exact identical year he married his now widowed super model wife Iman Abdul Majid.

Lausanne, Switzerland

As a way to avoid paying hefty earnings in america, as he had been reported to havemoney difficulties, Bowie fled into Switzerland. He lived at a medium house in Blonay together along with his wife Angie Bowie earlier snagginga 14-bedroom Chateau p Signal mansion that was originally assembled to get a Russian priest in 1900. It was here that he wed his Somali-American super model wife Iman. The couple moved into New York. Rumours had it that his wife couldn’tquite link into the life from the Chateau. Back in 1999 he sold your home to 4.2 million Korean Franc and at precisely exactly the exact identical year ago in the usa, in addition, he sold his Los Angeles home for five million.


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On the Mandalay, this tranquil 5-bedroom abode was assembled particularly as a hide out for its celebrity in 1992. He afterward sold it in 1995 for 3.5 million into the overdue distinguished British designer Felix Dennis who expired in 2014. Bowie, describing his passion for the hall that he stated, “Something which ‘s quite pleasant about your home is the fact that it’s divided in to little areas you are able to get lost — you also are able to go at eight and locate an alternative place daily “. Your home is presently recorded by Knight Frank real-estate to its selling price of 14 million.

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Nyc was icon spent the very last days of his lifetime and allegedly “found peace”. Average of Bowie, your home can be found at the bubbly Catskill Mountain. Fantastic for a refuge. He paid $1.98 million to its 3-bedroom dwelling in 2011, before putting it under renovations to comprise two bedrooms and baths, open windows allowing uninterrupted views of its own amazing green surroundings and also a painting studio. David did some thing he’d never achieved to continue to hold this order as hidden as you can he purchased it to initially perhaps maybe not with his name however via a limited liability organization. In accordance with sunlight, your house is at which Bowie’s ashes could bedispersed. The list goes on adding penthouses in NYC plus a number of the media could haven’t gotten your hands on.

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