What happened to Christian Longo? Bio: Engaged, Family, Ethnicity, Net Worth

Short Guide of Christian Longo

Christian Michael Longo is a convicted murderer who participated his offenses in the U.S. state of Oregon for his wife and three kids. His signs explained from the Michael Finkel publication ‘Authentic Story’ also it associated movie adaptation.

Historical Life

Christian Longo was created Jan 23, 1974, at Michigan, and has been increased with stringent Jehovah’s Witness parents. Longo was busy at the church in the little era and educated at the door-to-door ministry where Jehovah’s Witness members have been well known.


Seeing his livelihood, Longo had been a wanted person in affiliation with the murder of Mary Jane (wife) along with their three kids. Afterwards the body of the 4-year-old son called Zachery was discovered on Dec19, 2001, divers found the his 3-year-old daughter named Sadie. Mary Jane and their 2-year-old daughter called Madison have been found 5 days after. When he escaped the usa, he had been seen at Cancn on Dec 27, 2001, in a resort. He left the resort Jan 7, 2002, also was detained 6 days after without incident at the little town of Tulum, Quintana Roo, approximately 80 kilometers south of Cancn. He had been punished for death in 2003. Years after, Longo confessed for becoming a narcissist in an article he composed KATU-TV, a Portland, Oregon, tv channel. He wrote he eventually began “analyzing that which a psychologist told that I was came to terms with this, nearly entirely agreeing that he had been ideal. . .his summing-up has been the narcissistic character disorder he predicted ‘compensatory’ — chiefly self-centeredness associated with some handicapped central sense of self defense. ” If he had the title of Michael Finkel, the former New York Times reporter that afterwards chronicled their adventures in his memoir True Story, next accommodated into a 2015 movie. Longo is now restricted on passing line in Oregon State Penitentiary, in which capital punishment is lawful, but there’s been a moratorium on executions because 2011.

Personal Life

Discussing if his livelihood, Longo and MaryJane Baker fulfilled from the church of parking lot, they enjoy each other and chose to wed eventually they were married if he was 19 and she was 25. Longo started feeling financial issues that would issue him and his family for several decades. Back in Dec 2001, afterwards Longo and his household had defected in their home in Ohio, the bodies of his wife and 3 children had been discovered in Oregon. Longo was discovered hiding in Mexico under an assumed name and has been returned back into the U.S. for the crime. He had been discovered offender and is presently on death row. A movie linked to his eponymous life hit theatres in April 2015.

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