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Short Description ofLauren Parsekian

Lauren Parsekian is well recognized an American celebrity, director, activist in addition to a co-founder of a global anti-bullying effort, Lauren Parsekian is famous for the hard-hitting documentary film about guys being bullied at universities. She belongs to blend ethnicity of Armenian and retains an Irish & Italian nationality.

Early Education & life

Lauren Parsekian was Created on December 8th, 1986, in Orange County, California, Usa. She’s a daughter of Lady, Debra Kelly, also Thomas Parsekian. She had been raised in Orange County, California with her two sisters named Brooke Parsekian & Liam Parsekian. Parsekian analyzed in the Center school in Laguna Niguel. Afterwards, Parsekian combined in the Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. She graduated with a degree in filmmaking at 2009.


Seeing her livelihood, Lauren Parsekian reached an shot in the story, “Discovering Kind” which improvements awareness of a young woman against young women ‘ psychological & physical mistreatment at 2009. She’s among the creators of this Kind Campaign, a movement devoted to spreading kindness, especially among women to stop girl-on-girl fighting. Parsekian functioned to set Kind Campaign together with her closest companion, Molly Thompson. Parsekian improvements her goal for a voice Kind Campaign, a non-benefit global institution & advancement that is both storyline and college application established.

Private life

Lauren Parsekian wed to her long term boyfriend, Aaron Paul who’s the star of the American play show ‘Breaking Bad. ‘ The couple met in the Coachella music festival several years back. After they participated for 16 weeks, they wed on 26th May 2013. Parsekian admits she and her husband, Paul were almost wed in their first date following the Coachella music festival. The couple moved off to Vegas and gathered a infant ‘s leather coat from All Saints to their very first child. There’s a no solid of divorce that they invested their joyful life with their infant.

I always heard things like “you have never known a love like this,” or “it’s like your heart is living outside your chest,” from different parents while I was pregnant. It was hard for me to wrap my head around how deep that love could really be. Well, it’s all true. She is everything. My world. Sometimes I just stare at her and cry over how precious and pure she is. But let me also talk about some other real stuff here. This post labor chapter has been rough at times. Recovering from labor is no joke. I’m definitely on the mend in that department but…breastfeeding. Oh man. While it’s been one of the most beautiful experiences of my life, I have developed Mastitis twice within 3 weeks. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s an infection from breastfeeding that creates severe flu-like symptoms. Yesterday I was fighting a fever that almost hit 104. It was the sickest I have ever felt. The pain and aches were unbelievable. For the mammas who have been there, I know you feel me. What I keep coming back to is the fact that I feel like all these very common issues that can come up immediately after having a baby are not really talked about and being here now, I’m feeling a responsibility to share this so that any new mamma-to-be reading this is aware of these potential issues. If I could give an upcoming mother any advice for this chapter it would be to become well educated about breastfeeding. Take a class, do your research or have conversations with other mothers. There are so many things that can happen…an oversupply of milk leading to infection, your baby having trouble latching, having an undersupply… being aware of this will be so helpful so that you will know how to avoid or handle these things. So with that, I wanna give a big virtual hug to all the mammas out there who have had any type of issue breastfeeding or are dealing with anything physically or emotionally difficult, be it with you or your child. You are not alone. And because it’s been on my mind, to all the single parents out there raising babies and children, you are an actual superhero. You are THE superhero. Never forget that. ?

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Statistics & Net worth

Lauren Parsekian stands 5 ft 7 inches height plus 6o kg weight.She appears amazing with brown eyes and light blonde hair.She has a net worth of about $2 million due to many product exemptions & filmmaking livelihood. She’s active at the social websites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

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