Who’s Big Nik? Bio: Sister, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Nationality, Religion, Son

Quick Truth About Nik Keswani

Nik Keswani openly knew as BigNik judgment the perch on Twitter with approximately three million followers would be the Vine occurrence, that never fails to catch you turning to the ground with his humorous videos. BigNik is famed for using his very own brand of special humor on Vines and YouTube. He bakes himself onto his vlogs and doesn’t appear to care about how or what folks come to believe of him. This struck vine star is currently into rapping recently along with his rap songs videos printed on his YouTube channel. BigNik is on a level with all the rapping. Nik has managed to acquire countless hearts and is a name in the networking industry that is societal.

The Wiki of Enormous Nik

The son of Vaishali Keswani and Anil Keswani was Created on 11 September 1998. He owns ethnicity and the nationality. He has Devina Keswani and two sisters Sarina Keswani. Seeing his educational background, he studied at Torrey Pines High school that was followed Laurel Springs Academy.


Moving towards his livelihood, BigNik is completely popular because of his branding of humor vines in his movies. Everything started when he had been in a wheelchair following an extensive leg operation he went . He simply needed a way to divert his thoughts from the pain and frustration but rather got his enthusiasm. Nik made a movie when he had been in a wheelchair and only in 2 weeks it blew up which makes him famous on social networking. This made him excited and motivated to create more videos. He began making Vines and making him among the most anticipated online sensation. Booming with popularity from Vine, many fellow Viners desired to collaborate with him at the internet enterprise.

Age and Relationship

BigNik is 20 years old as of today. He’s still young so he hasn’t been engaged in any sort of relationship. In long run, he may be dating a gorgeous woman that will make his life more lovely.

The Lost

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Height and Eyes

Nik is an inspirational figure using a daring and inspired attitude even in the worst case possible. He’s already mocking the societal stereotypes and haters by conducting his station as “Big. ” Because of dwarfism, he’s only at the peak of about 3 feet. The dwarfism affects his eyes.

Net Worth

Currently his station TheNikKeswani has more than nine hundred million subscribers. Owing to his popularity, he’s gathered an estimated net worth of $300 million.

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