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Short Guide of Donnie Yen

Martial artist and Hong Kong action star Donnie Yen is belonging called a Yen Chi Tan, a celebrity from Hong Kong who’s a martial artist in addition to was served as a manager and producer, action choreographer, along with multiple-time planet wushu championship winner in the movie market.

Historical Life

Yen was created on 27 July 1963 at Guangzhou, Guangdong of China and he is 52 years old He’s the son of paper editor Klyster Yen and martial arts guru Bow Sim Mark. In age 4 Yen started practicing martial arts out of his mom, who instructed him wushu and tai chi until age 11 when his family migrated to Boston, MA. He lasted reigning wushi and tai chi. After obtaining a massive fascination with martial arts that he eventually started becoming many different martial arts styles, such as taekwondo, kickboxing, boxing, karate so on.After passing three his parents shipped him into Beijing Wushu Academy for railway Oriental martial arts beneath Master Wu Binfor several decades.


Revealing some details about his career at age 20 he had been behaving after being part of the movie Drunken Tai Chi at the calendar year 1984. Tiger Cage is also an additional movie during the calendar year 1988, in which he gained excellent success upon his own performances plus he also combined his hands working with Bullet Movies in the calendar year 1997. From the Hollywood movies he had been introduced to be recorded as a leading operating choreographer and his struggles scenes were favored by the most of his supporters from throughout the world.

Personal Life

Yen wed a man or woman that has 3 kids He wed with Zing-Ci Leung through the calendar year 1993 after wed he got gained fame in his career. This few divorced with this battles that increased to allow them to acquire independent daily resulted. He had been an affair together with Cecilia Cissy Wang and they had been wed consenting as husband and wife after his affair at 2003 and until the present, they’re happy living for a couple working with the prosperous married life.

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Posted by Donnie Yen 甄子丹 on Friday, July 20, 2018

Statistics & Net-worth

Yen stands 5 ft 8 inches tall at his own stature and weight will be 75 kg.He is your handsome and talented man his fashions inside Boxing and choreography left him hot all over which left him make handsome quantity of salary. Yen is getting the net worth of sum nearly 40 million dollars that is the prosperous assortment of sum in the current calendar year.

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