Who’s Ida Darvish? Wiki: Net Worth, Family, Dating, Salary, Married, Wedding

Short Description of Ida Darvish

Ida Darvish is recognized a performer, author, producer, and manager too. She’s among the most gifted actors in Hollywood and can be famous for her character in Inferno, in which she played by Tom Hanks in the film adaptation of this International bestselling book of the identical title composed by Dan Brown.

Historical Education & Life

Darvish was created in 1975. She had been born in America but her true birthplace isn’t published. She grew up in her hometown with her parents. Her schooling doesn’t enjoy almost any website.


Ida Darvish began her profession if she starred in a movie The Holy Cannoli, back in 2001. Her big break came when she was cast, albeit in a tiny part, from the TV show Californication at 2008. In 2007, she starred in Gigi American, in Addition to at Assassin ‘s Creed. In 2015, she functioned Tom Hanks at Inferno and had a part at The Comedians. She is also a writer, Debbie composed the Six episodes of Gigi: Nearly American, in addition to produced the movie.

Personal Life

Ida Darvish is wed into one of the most iconic celebrities in Hollywood called Josh Gad. Ida is seven years older than her spouse. He is famous for his expressing the favorite TV personality Olaf out of Frozen at 2013. He’s also known for his voice acting at The Angry Birds Movie, Ice Age: Continental Drift, so many others. They filmed his 1st child at her age 36, also a girl Ava Tanya Gad at January 2011, along with 2nd kid in the age of 39, also a girl Isabella Eve Gad on February 17, 2014. Josh Gad attended to the NSU University School, where he graduated in 1999.

Statistics & Net Worth

Ida Darvish stands 5 feet. She looks amazing with dark hair and dark eyes. Ida’s Net worth is now unknown. Though, her spouse ‘s net worth is projected to be approximately $2 million. Josh Gad made his money in the wealthy career in Hollywood for over 14 decades and counting. Ida Darvish is a private individual and isn’t so busy on social networking.

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