Who’s Jesse Wellens? Wiki-Bio: Daughter, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Wife, Gay, Ex Wife

Historical Life

He’s a Channel founder. Jesse Wellenswas born sep 1982. He’s a YouTube station celebrity. His title is Jesse Michale Wallens. Wellens is that the son of SteveWellens and Stella Wellens. He had been growing up with his own parents in New Jersey. He’s one brother Anthony plus one sister Candice Wellens. Jeana Smith is that the Cookie. Jesse’s nationalityis American and American ethnicity is all still white.


At the first phase he spends his days serving Jeana to the station. In schooling career,when awakened to get his graduation he had been expelled from college because of his misbehaves. However he’s growing trend of this station. In present period, Wellens is creating a movie in Venice Beach California. He transferred to New York town from Brooklyn, after theirsplit. He’s emerged in YouTube Channel BF Vs GF and Prank Vs Prank.He functioned together with Jeana at Kitty Channel, wed when called Nylahkitty.Wellens is a lively and difficult employee person. He has fans of the YouTube Channel.

Personal Life

If he Had Been at the Air Force, jesse married. The connection didn’tgo for extended lastand they split each other. He isalone and rectal orientation is right. According to divorce, he also wants to wed. He retains long term his connection with his girlfriend and spouse Jeana. He’s got a strategy for purposing into Jeana however he had been waiting perfect moment. Back in facton 28-May-2016 Wellens confirmedtheirrelation was which was an outcome of issues arising through everyday blogging and following long there aren’t any rumorsregarding his affair and dating. Jesse enjoys the creature so much and that he has two cats called Nylah and Bambu.He lately resides in New York USA. He left tattoos of the image of his mommy . He’s a Guy using height plus a five toes. Jesse has brown hair and a eye.

Net Worth

Jesse Wellens has Maintained That a net worth is Roughly 5 million Bucks

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