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Who’s Manuela Escobar? Bio: Net Worth, Today, Parents, Daughter, Occupation

Short Description of Manuela Escobar

Manuela Escobar is a daughter of Pablo Escobar and drug lord. Speaking about her daddy, he provided an estimated 80% of the cocaine smuggled and subsequently switched on the US $21.9 million. It’s totally certain to mention that Manuela dwelt to a bed of roses along with her dad made sure of this.

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Life and Education

Traveling for her conservative lifestyle, Manuela first cried from the ground on May 25, 1984, at Colombia. Manuela’s dad is Pablo Escobar and mom would be Maria Victoria Henaoas. Manuela was created in Colombia and retains the nationality. Her Sun Sign is Gemini. Speaking about her schooling, she had been home-schooled. She also didn’t have a opportunity to attend school due to the fear for her security from her daddy ‘s enemies.


Speaking about her livelihood there aren’t any kinds of advice however there’s advice she had a fantastic singing voice. However there isn’t a single hint that she’s established himself as a performer or a singer.

Personal Life

Speaking about private life, there aren’t any kinds of advice about her private life. But speaking about her connection with her dad, Pablo Escobar maintained her a princess and finished every desire and want. After Manuela requested for Unicorn some time, her dad could’t even locate the monster, however, he left one. Pablo Escobar company Popey chose a nice horse out of his farm and then struck a bunny ‘s horn on the brow of a unicorn. After Manuela feel chilly to create her hot, her dad Escobar burnt two million money. She’s directly orientation.

Numbers and Net Worth

There are kinds of advice about height, weight, and her entire body dimension. She has dark eyes and black hair. Escobar net worth is unknown because her livelihood and livelihood was kept under wraps. Manuela Escobar isn’t busy on social networks like facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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