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Who is World’s Most Expensive Dining Experience Comes With A Diamond Ring?

Russian bead Group, World of Diamonds have united forces withSingapore restaurant,” C E ‘ manhunter Viwhose goal would be always to supply “unique adventures that excite the senses,” to generate a dining experience of a life. At a cost of 2 million, the adventure is to get the client of therare 2. 08-carat Fancy Vivid Blue Jane Seymour engagement ring. The 8-hour cure for just 2 kicks offwith a 45-minute helicopter ride round Singapore, accompanied closely by achauffeured rollsroyce drive and also a private cruise trip. The roof top that provides scenic viewpoints is adorned with 10,000 brand new roses. As the Sun Set hours procedure, the couple isserved that an 18-courseModern Asian meal. The menu includesFresh Belon Oyster with champagne foam,Lamb sweet-bread,newzealand Langoustine,Air-Flown Alaska Wild Salmon, applewood broiled Mishima sirloin, slow-cooked Pigeon one of other gastronomical products. The couple could be seated in custom made furniture from The Plush, configured with their preference and could be eating using diamond-encrusted chopsticks together with their titles onto it. A live ring would likewise be show sing with your own entertainment. And at midnight, The Jane Seymour engagement ring could be shown along side Louis XIII p Rmy Martin cognac. The extravagant 8-hour indulgence is attracted to a joyful finish by having an remarkable fireworks display. This will make the ideal engagement proposition, assuming the gentle man ensures his lady reads. The element of surprise is critical for any participation suggestion. The Jane Seymour engagement ring was developed to celebrate veteran Hollywood celebrity, andOfficer of this Order of the British Empire (OBE) Jane Seymour. The elaborate ring is setin 18-karat rose goldplated platinum and also stung with a floral theme on each side. We all don’t wonder who the lucky girl are, probably a girl friend or wife into some Middle Eastoligarch.

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