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Who’s Kris Jenner? Wiki: Net Worth, Boyfriend, Child, Children, Sister, Nationality

Short And Sweet

Kris Jenner is a American TV Character. Jenner has improved a title and popularity by starring in a reality tv shows. In 2013 she hosted her own brief conversation live series. She conducts her own business and is also involved with the organizationsrelated with distinct small business women and kid. She did participate in the tv series called Keeping Up With Kardashians.

Historical Education & life

Jenner was created on November 5, 1995. She’s of dutch, Englishand, Scottish decent.Her dad name was Robert Houghton and mom name was Mary Jo Campbell. In the right time of loving kid rights, Jenner needs to fight a great deal in her own entire life. When she was seven father and mom got divorced. Jenner and her husband had been treated and encouraged by her mom till she got married toHarry Shannon. They changed from California to company but when her mom has been left alone in restraining the entire company they changed back into California. Following her graduation also she attempted encouraging her loved ones and began working as a trip attended about a yearold.


Jenner has improved a good deal concerning livelihood. She’s made her livelihood powerful. Today Jenner conducts her own company producing all of the completed products and products by her company. Jenner has fought her youth and that she doesn’t need with her daughter Kim. So so as to keep Kim’s profession, she’s tried her very best to handle her daughter’s livelihood economically and economically. Jenner functions in boy the company of and her daughter ‘s .

Personal Life

Jenner has married two. WithRobert Kardashian was wed by her. Following the arrival of two kids, they handed divorced from March 1991. Once they didn’t receive battle. Before the departure of Robert that has suffered from cancer, they became great friends in reality. With her partner, Jenner wed Following one month of the divorce. In the future, Jenner has been with Corey Gamble in 2014. Jenner has four kids with Robert and 2 with Bruce.

Plans & Net Worth

Has two nicknames, both Kris along with Kristen. She’s 5 ft & 6 inches tall.She has brown eye lens. Her hair is black in colour. Her arrival sign is Scorpio. 80 million is earned by her.

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